Staging to Sell

Staging Your Home to Sell

Exit Strategies

When it comes to selling your home, how much planning and thought do you put into it? Effort is a big one! 
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There are many things to consider when you plan on selling your home. From the basics of decluttering and cleaning to looking at what repairs and updates are in order to attract people and get an offer.
am here to transform your space so you can say goodbye. If you are ready to say that your home is now a product for sale, the Exit Planning consultation is  the first step. 
This consultation is unique, a blend of home staging techniques, redesigning and planning so you can get a good return on your investment.
Home staging is a piece of the puzzle, it is a process of preparing a home for sale for you to show your home in its best light to get you the most money, simply!
You've probably heard about it and might even follow all the TV shows about home staging which now has become an essential marketing service when selling.

What's In It For You?

If you're motivated to sell to make a good profit, my exit plan consultation & home staging services will:
  • Build equity in your home
  • Get top dollar for your home
  • Makes your home stand out above the competition, whether it's a buyers or sellers market
  • Sells your home faster
  • Makes your home "show ready"

What Happens If I Don't Stage?

The biggest loss in not planning is that you will get a lower offer, if you get an offer. You won’t as well get traffic because images tell all. You are leaving money on the table. Today's buyers expect move in ready and when they see renovations, they over-inflate the real costs and this drives down the price. They as well may not have the experience or knowledge on what might be involved.
Your home will not show as well as it should. The majority of people look at homes online so if it does not show well, people won't bother visiting. They will be visiting the homes that are staged, not yours.
Selling is a stressful time. How long do you want your house on the market? If you have sold a home before, you know what I'm talking about!
You might as well be in a position where your home is vacant. It's proven that empty house sits on the market for up to 70% longer, people can't envision how to use the space. We arrange for furniture rental suitable for your home and target market.
When it comes to putting together a look to draw buyers in, you want your space to speak to them, you want your space to look warm and inviting to get them hooked and in love with your place. I can work with your current accessories and artwork to create this and if required, I will as well offer personal shopping services to pick the right mix for you.

Exit plan consultation includes:

  • Determining goals, motivation, target price, valuation
  • Full walk through of property, inside and out
  • Review report
  • Hands-on staging of your space
  • Evaluate projects and ROIStaging Services & Budget
  • Outline project timelines
  • Review vendors and set dates for completion
My exit  plan consultation is  intensive, no stone is left un-turned and the goal is to bring out the best and deter from the less! 
Starting at $375 and up.

Other services offered when selling your home are:

  • Placement of furnishings, artwork & accessories to create flow, space and visual appeal to your buyer
  • Depersonalize & Declutter
  • Shopping for accessories and artwork
  • Planning & sourcing of rental furniture for vacant rooms
  • Phone & Email consultations

If You Have a Question Email or Call Me

It all starts with determining budget, function, style, colours and proper layout.
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