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Colour Consultation

Colours create a mood, a feeling and if you are considering a colour consultation, you've come to the right place! Ever find yourself with dozens of paint chip samples from the local home improvement store? Can't decide which way to go? Afraid it may be too dark, too bright, too boring? Most people have a comfort zone when it comes to colours. Maybe you are just plain old tired of the same old colour on the walls? Painting is the least expensive thing you can do to change the decor of your space. You sometimes associate a colour with a certain place or person? Did Grandma use pastel peach and green everywhere? Well, it’s back! No, really it is!
Red? Yes, it's the 2018 colour of the year! Used in the right place and in the right volume, any colour can make a very dramatic statement or if drama is not your thing, we can help find your calm oasis.
These thoughts and indecisiveness are all too common.
With a professional colour consultation, I can guide you and review your choices (if you have already). If not, we can work together to select the colours you need for your space based on what you want to accomplish, whether it's just for 1 room or the whole house.
The colour consultation includes a walk around of your space, taking pictures, discuss your needs and put together a portfolio of colours for you. Make sure to bring magazines and show me what you love!

Have you ever painted and then hated the colour?

What about, "What was I thinking when I painted that, I can't stand it". When it comes to colours, trends come and so do we! What worked back then just doesn't cut it anymore. Trends change, people change! With a colour consultation, I want you to be happy with your colour choice for years to come and help you make this choice!
Starting at $249.  Contact me today.
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It all starts with determining budget, function, style, colours and proper layout.
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